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Kochu pata Chingri - Prawns with Colocasia leaves

We have this Bangladeshi restaurant in Kolkata named Kasturi where we have tasted this delicious dish for the first time. Here [....]

Narkol Posto Chingri

This dish is a combination of two of the Bengali delicacies, prawn and posto or poppy seed paste. The gravy is made using onions [....]

Mustard Poppyseed Coriander Fish

I never had this 'Bhola Bhetki' fish before marriage and used to think of this as a smelly fish. I have first tasted this fish when my MIL cooked [....]

Pomfret Fish Curry - Parsi Style

This dish tastes awesome with the unusual combination of spices.[....]

Dhoniya Pomfret

This is a signature dish of my mom-In-Law, she cooks it mainly with 'Bhola Bhetki' fish, since I don't like that fish, I use pomfret. [....]

Pomfret Masala

I was way too tired after the Puja and didnot feel like trying out something exotic which I usually do during weekends. So a basic but delicious pomfret masala  [....]

Fresh Bombay Duck Fry

Quite out of the blogging world for some time now, though getting the urge every now and then to open the laptop, browse through the endless number of folders containing endless number of photos captured during many of my cooking spree but somehow not able [....]

Puti Machh er Jhal

Puti Machh is a very tasty fish in the small fish category, nowadays available sparingly, specially the fresh ones. This recipe is a very traditional recipe, [....]

Patrani Machchi

Adapted this recipe from the site of Sanjeev Kapoor, a very popular parsi preparation where fish is marinated in a green chutney,[....]

Gandharaj Rui

'Gandharaj Lebu' holds a special place in Bengali household, Unlike a 'pati lebu' or lime, it has a thick green rind, and you can not [....]

Sorshe Narkol Pabda

One more recipe to enjoy Pabda fish where the fish is cooked in a mustard coconut gravy. [....]

Kachki Paturi

Another Paturi dish from my kitchen, which we relish too often and this time it is with 'Kachki Machh'. This tiny little fishes are too tasty,   [....]

Mourola Machh er Chorchori

Some simple fish vegetable combo to enjoy with a plate of rice.   [....]

Cashew Coconut Prawn

Tired of cooking 'Prawn Malaicurry'? Try this royal cashew coconut prawn to satisfy your tastebud !! On this auspicious day of 'Bhai Phota'  [....]

Butter Poached Prawns

This quick dish is a savior when you need to serve something delicious within a short span of time. Hubby's friends came over for a drink    [....]

Machh er Matha Diye Khichuri - Khichuri with FIsh Head

I don't really recall from where did I get the idea from,   [....]

Ilish Bhate

Can't find an equivalent English name for this dish. You can faintly term it as Ilish Pulao, but for a true Bengali, the 'Ilish Bhate' is the   [....]

Bhetki Macher Paturi

Paturi is a very popular recipe in Bengal, mostly done with Bhetki or Hilsa. The fresh fish pieces are marinated with spices, then wrapped   [....]

Doi Magur - Catfish cooked in a Curd Gravy

Magur is a kind of Catfish which is considered very healthy  in Bengal. This fish can be had as a simple jhol or soup, or can be made    [....]

Basa Capsicum masala

Our humble Pangash fish has its new Avtar in the form of Basa,   [....]

Mourola machh er karai paturi

An old world recipe where fresh small fishes are slow cooked with various spices over very low heat and resulted in a divine dish.  [....]

Rui Posto - Rohu fish in Poppy seed Curry

Rui or Rohu fish is a very common feature of Bengal and the other delicacy is posto.  [....]

Chingri Bharta

'Another delicious Bharta recipe arrives. this time it is prawn, fried with spices, and mashed into a paste like texture. Chingri  [....]

Chital Peti Rasha

'Chital machh er Peti' or the belly part of Clown fish is a delicacy in Bengal and during festivals like Durga Puja or Jamai Shosti,  [....]

Ilish Machh er Jhol - Bengali Style Hilsa Curry

Monsoon season is one the most celebrated seasons in Bengal because it brings with it the hilsa fish which can easily be called [....]

Prawn with Red Pepper

I have made something similar to this long time back and named it as [....]

Doi Galda

So it is a Sunday and Sunday means a special day with something exotic in the Lunch menu. I have some medium sized Golda Chingri [....]

Dudh Pabda with Cashew Nut

Such a versatile fish this is, you can cook it in many ways. This is quite a popular fish  [....]

Tel Katla

In Bengali cuisine, fish and Mustard oil is a combination made in heaven ( 'Tel' is oil in Bengali). If you get some good quality fresh Katla or  [....]

Sorshe Posto Ilish

Hilsa season has started again post Saraswati Puja and this is what I have prepared today for lunch. [....]

Shingi Machher Jhol - Light Catfish Curry

This is how we bengalis cook our 'machh er Jhol'. A very basic recipe where fish is cooked with vegetables in a light and soupy gravy. No fancy  [....]

Dhonepata Kasundi Bhetki

Bhetki fish cooked in a Coriander and Kasundi ( a kind of Bengali mustard  sauce )  [....]

Fish Popcorn

I have some leftover basa fillets in my refrigerator and the quantity is so  [....]

Dudh Pabda

A lovely preparation of Pabda Fish which is absolutely easy to  [....]

Salt and Pepper Prawns

One dish I can never get enough of [....]

Chingri Jhal - Bengali Style Prawn Masala

Some quick dish, best enjoyed with plain rice. [....]

Chingri Posto

We have a family recipe of Aloo Posto which is much loved dish   [....]

Thai style Prawn Red Curry

Tried this ready to cook Red Curry paste   [....]

Chingri Chorchori

This is my mom in law's recipe, She does it with Eggs too,   [....]

Gandharaj Ilish Bhapa

Ah... finally this is a winner. I have these good quality Hilsa sitting on my kitchen cabinet and I have some Gandaraj Lebu - Kaffir Lime too,,   [....]

Parshey Tilottoma

Got some very fresh baby parshey last Saturday. Since they were fresh, a simple 'jhol' or soupy curry with green chilli and kalonji seeds would have better taste,  [....]

Kajari Fish Fry

Kajri is a small freshwater fish which is quite abundant in Bengal. Since childhood kajri fish's jhal has been very common dish in my household  [....]

Chital Muitthya

From this traditional and authentic Muitha or Muitthya recipe, people will understand why Bengalis are known as really foodies. Who else other than  [....]

Chital Peti Rasha

We being the most fish loving state of India acquired the name "Machh-e Bhat-e Bangali" which means, "Bengali by fish and rice". Among the variety of fish we eat, Chital maach or Clown Knife fish is a delicacy in Bengal and I was told that the best breed of this oily fish travels all the way from river Brahmaputra. I am yet  [....]
Dum Chital
This is a traditional way to welcome new member in our family, be it welcoming new bride or groom or welcoming or wishing good luck to the newly or  [....]
Pabda r Jhal
This is recipe from one of my favorite aunt, which she cooks really well and we get to taste it in multiple occasion. This is a favorite fish in my household too,   [....]

Doi Pabda

Tried Pabda fish with Curd ( no mustard Paste.. please..) this time [....]
Pabda Sorshe
Got some jumbo Pabda machh today....ideal to make a satisfying sorshe pabda.  [....]

Tel Koi

Tel Koi is an authentic bengali delicacy cooked with an Extra Dash of Mustard Oil. The richness of mustard oil makes tel koi more delectable,  [....]
Fulcopy diye Koi Machh Jhol
Our regular 'machher jhol' with cauliflower, ideal for a chilli winter lunch when served hot with plain rice.  [....]

Ilish Machh er Malaicurry

Yes,,, 'Ilish machh' with coconut milk and garam masala. :-) Nowadays, I have really started experimenting with hilsa and various weird and not so  [....]
Kachalanka Ilish
A very basic Hilsa recipe but tastes completely different  [....]

Doi Ilish

Ilish machh or Hilsa has such a great flavour that whatever way you prepare it, it tastes great. I have got this Doi Ilish recipe from one of my friend and tried it on Bijoya Dashami. Now some Gyan...It is a traditional custom in Bengal to have 'Jorha Ilish' ( pair of Hilsa) on Bijoya Dashami. After that, Hilsa should not be eaten till 'Saraswati Puja' which is usually around end of January or February.  [....]

Nona Ilish

Nona Ilish is a Bangal delicacy, which I learnt from my Mom In Law. Nona Ilish is basically sun dried Hilsa fish preserved with lots of salt. What I understand from Mom-In-Law is,  [....]

Microwave Jeera Ilish

I was in a hurry and wanted to cook something in a jiffy. So, marinated the hilsa  [....]

Ilish Tel er Chorchori

As the doctor says, Hilsa fish is full of heart friendly omega 3 fatty acid. We Bongs however just love hilsa, even its oil tastes so good, [....]

Kumro patay Ilish Paturi

Ilish Paturi is a famous Bengali dish which means Hilsa cooked with spices wrapped in a leaf ( pata). Banana leaf is the default choice for the wrap, [....]

Kumro Ilish

Again a bengali ( or better say, BANGAL ) delicacy, kumro ilish is a prominent feature in our menu during hilsa season. While, there is nothing to say about hilsa, [....]

Ilish Bhapa

I have never used onion in Ilish / Hilsa fish recipe before [....]

Ilish Machh Bhaja

A very basic recipe..fry the ilish machh in mustard oil with some simple masala and green chilli.. my family can finish a plateful of rice with this. [....]

Ilish Machh er Begun Jhol

Ilish maach is one of the biggest weakness of most of the bengalis. Here is a very typical bengali recipe... simple..easy.. [....]

Ilish Bhapa (2)

Hilsa fish or Ilishh Machh steamed in a paste of mustard, poppy seeds, yogurt and green chilli with a slight hint of garlic is given the beautiful name 'bhapa illish'. [....]

Masor Tenga

Assam, the beautiful state of North-East India has an incredible range of culture, awesome wildlife, the teas, oldest oil refineries, famous Kamakhya temple and of course, the Assamese cuisine, [....]
Aam Katla
With mercury almost  touching 42 degree C in Kolkata, it is impossible to stay calm and cook something fancy. Made this fish curry with raw mango..  [....]
Katla Makkhanwala
You need some really fresh, big fatty fish to get the real flavor of this dish. Ask your fish monger to cut the belly portion a bit thick. Make sure, [....]
Machh er Tel er Bora
This Bora or Vada tastes best when served hot. So prepare the mixture beforehand and fry them just before eating. Can be served as a snack or  [....]

Katla Dum Pukht

You should have lot of patience to cook this since that is the basic ingredient to any Dum recipe. You need really fresh Katla machh for this.  [....]
Prawn Malaicurry
One of the signature dish from Bengal, prawn malaicurry is a gravy dish [....]

Prawn Kalia
Fish Market is flooded with 'Golda chingri' ( Prawns with big head) now a days and it is very rare to get good quality Bagda or Chapra Chingri ( Tiger prawns or other varieties). So the moment  [....]
Prawn with Mustard
Completely bored of prawns with onions and coconut milk, this time decided to cook 'sorshe chingri' or prawns with mustard paste and as usual I am not restricting myself  [....]
Prawn Parwal Korma
This is the time of the year, when you are bored eating patol ( Parwal / pointed gourd ) but the winter vegetables are still not widely available in the market.  [....]
Prawn Bati Chorchori
Once again, a traditional Bengali dish, bati chorchori can be cooked over low heat with any vegetable of your choice and a handful   [....]
Prawn Chowmein
Suddenly my family had a craving for prawn   [....]

Jhinge Chingri - Prawn with Ridgegourd
Another interesting prawn recipe where prawns are cooked with ridge gourd.   [....]

Salt and Pepper Prawns
One dish I can never get enough of is this salt and pepper prawn.   [....]

Parsley Prawn
Got some parsley in the market, threw it in the pan with some prawns and masalas and it turned out    [....]

Creamy Garlic Prawn
This prawn recipe comes out so well.....   [....]

E(n)chor Cingri - Prawn with Green Jackfruit
The most favorite dish of hubby dearest.. I cook it sometimes the satwik way ( niramish enchor er dalna) or use onion, garlic and ginger and   [....]

Prawn Dumpukht
Prawns and potatoes are slow cooked in its own juices with spices in a closed container and the result is an aromatic treat. Try it !!   [....]

Dab Chingri
Prawns never tasted so good! Try out this scrumptious Bengali delight!  [....]

Jalpari Pulao
This recipe is adapted from a magazine where there was an interview of Imtiaz Qureshi, the legendary chef and it was one of his signature dish. What fascinated me about this dish, while I was reading the recipe is the kind of ingredients it is made up of and the process itself, I was   [....]

Baked Prawn Pasta
Our Saturday Dinner is usually a special one, with some good food, good music and after dinner a good movie. However, this week, hubby was on tour,   [....]

Crab Masala
Here in Bengal, we have our very own nearest sea beach at Digha and Mandarmoni, which takes just 3-4 hours to reach. We have spent quite a lot of our weekends there when we have lesser responsibilities and not enough money to plan a lavish holidays. So, it was just packing    [....]

Lau Ka(n)kra - Crab with Bottole Gourd
A bit unusual recipe it is, 'Lau' or bottle gourd and 'kankra' or crab is individually quite familiar in Bengali Household. However 'Lau Chingri' or Bottle gourd    [....]

Crab Cake
These are the fastest, easiest crab cakes I have ever made. Serve with kasundi or  [....]

Singaporean Chilli Crab
Chili Crab is the national dish of Singapore. Crabs are stir-fried in a semi-thick, sweet and savoury tomato, garlic and chilli based sauce and the   [....]

Bengali Crab Curry

Fish with Parsley
Marinated the fish with dried parsley and garlic,, then shallow fry it in olive oil and serve with delicious tomato-cucumber salsa,, [....]

Foil Baked fish n Vegetable
Once again, it is time for Know your Kolkata Food Blogger's event and this time it is the turn of Antara Ray who blogs from As like other bloggers [....]

Basa in Spicy Pineapple Sauce
Basa fillet drizzled with spiced pineapple and pepper sauce.  [....]

Fish n Chips
Crispy and comforting,,,these are the two words that comes in my mind, when I think of Fish n Chips. Stay away from this recipe, [....]

Pan fried Basa with chilli garlic butter
Here's a dish that's perfect for a weekend dinner. Fresh, light and flavorful,  the spicy lemony butter [....]

Loittya Shutki - Dry Fish Bhuna
The famous or better say notorious ghoti - Bangal Debate started way back the partition days and a major point of fight is the style of cooking. Whether it is Chingri / [....]

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