Saturday, 21 September 2013

Jeera Ilish - Microwave

I was in a hurry and wanted to cook something in a jiffy. So, marinated the hilsa with masalas for 15 minutes, put everything in a microwave safe bowl and micro for 8 minutes. My dish is ready.


  • Hilsa - 10 pieces
  • Jeera / Cumin Powder - 2 tbsp.
  • Mustard Oil - 3 tbsp.
  • Bay leaf - 3
  • Green chilli - 4, chopped
  • Salt and Turmeric - as required
  • Kashmiri Chilli Powder - a pinch
Marinate the fish with salt, turmeric, chilli powder,cumin powder, bayleaf, chopped green chilli and mustard oil for 15 minutes.

Add 2 cups of water to the marinated fish and mix well. Now put this into microwave.

Micro on high for 5 minutes. Then stir with a spoon and again micro on high for 3 more minutes. Keep on the standing time for 10 minutes. Serve with plain rice.

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