Monday, 3 February 2014

Achari Gobi

Got the ingredients of this magic masala, which, if used judiciously can make wonder to a otherwise simple dish. Our very own gobi or cauliflower tastes heavenly with the touch of it and it is quite handy for cooking a quick meal too. 


  • Cauliflower - 1, medium, cut into florets
  • Tomato - 1, chopped
  • Salt and turmeric - as required
  • Amchur powder - a pinch (Optional)
  • Coriander leaves - 3 tbsp, chopped
For the achari masala
  • cumin seeds - 1 tsp 
  • mustard seeds - 1tsp 
  • ajawain seeds - 1 tsp 
  • saunf or mouri - 1tsp 
  • peppercorns - 5-6 
Dry roast the achari masala ingredients on a tawa, let it cool and grind it, keep aside.

Cut Cauliflower into medium sized pieces, Dip in hot water with salt for 10-15 min.
In a pan, heat mustard oil. Fry cauliflower till they are crisp. 

Lower the heat, sprinkle the masala prepared above, some salt haldi and amchoor powder, if using. Add one finely chopped tomato. 

Sprinkle some water, cover the panand let it simmer. Toss it couple of times. 

Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve.

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