Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cauliflower with Coconut

When winter is almost over, cauliflowers become very tasteless and we don't feel like eating it. I managed to make this dish with some coconut and the results were quite good.


  • Cauliflower- 1, cut into small florets       
  • Coconut - 1/2, grated
  • Ginger Paste - 1 tbsp
  • Bayleaves - 3
  • Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves - 3 each
  • Raisin - 2 tbsp
  • Green Chilli - 2
  • Sugar - 1 tsp
  • Salt, turmeric- a pinch
  • White oil - 2 tbsp
  • Ghee - 1 tbsp

Add white oil in a kadai and heat it through. Now add the ginger paste with a pinch of salt and turmeric and fry for a minute over low flame.

Add the cauliflowers and fry with sprinkle of waters if necessary. Remove from heat when it is soft and keep aside.

Add the remaining oil in the same kadai. Add bayleaves, whole garam masalas, raisin, stir fry for 30 seconds, then add the coconut.

Fry the coconut over medium heat till it starts browning. Add 1 tbsp ghee and mix well to the coconut mixture. Add the green chillies and fried cauliflowers. Sprinkle some water, if needed. Cover and let it cook for 5 minutes over low heat. You may have to stir it occasionally to avoid burning.

Sprinkle sugar and salt and keep covered after removing from heat. Tastes good with rice or Paratha.

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